Action Planning Sheet (it's important to do this in order, starting at the top!)
DO NOT begin with a Tactic (rally, lockdown, petition…). we tried that it doesn’t work so well…

What is our GOAL?*

*Of course many actions serve multiple goals. And we always need to remember that the processes of developing our organizations and skills are as important as urgent external goals.

Who can give us what we want? _____________________
Is there another audience who we also want to address? ________________

Who is most affected by this issue? _______________________
Who is against us? ___________________________________
Who are our allies? ____________________________________
Who might become an ally? _____________________________
Who can we try to keep neutral? ________________________

How do we get people who are with us to be willing to step it up a notch?

What resources do we have right now?

What are our weaknesses
in resources? ___________________

What efforts have we already made to achieve our goal?

Taking all of the above into account, what is our best Strategy for using our resources to achieve our goal?


Now it's finally time to pick a Tactic that works strategically toward the goal:

What is our message*?

*the message needs to fit into a clear story that we can tell about the issue

What tone* do we want to take?

*shaming, supportive, educational, confrontational, mourning, celebratory…

When will we act?/Timing

Where will we take our stand?

Logistical timeline leading up to and through the event:


Counterplans for various anticipated reactions (rain, small turnout, police block our path)
if they ______________________ we will ____________________________________________
if they ______________________ we will ____________________________________________
if __________________________ we will ____________________________________________

-- Do not write anything on here that is illegal. -- We have a tradition of participatory democracy. We agree to pursue opportunities to increase the quality of our democratic process whenever possible. --  This sheet is an amalgam of ideas from Ruckus Society, Southern Empowerment Project, and the Sierra Student Coalition, compiled by the Boron Collective, an affinity group of the UpRoot Spokescouncil. -- This document is not public. It may not be used for any purpose by members or affiliates of any law enforcement agency or any media organization. Any use of any copy of this document or its contents by law enforcement or media will be prosecuted as a violation of civil liberties under protection of the US Constitution.